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An Expert on the Surprising Connection

After a number of weeks of vacation events and much more vacation cookies, the inevitable occurs: we double down on our leafy greens and decide to ditching alcohol by way of the month of January. And whereas that’s all nicely and good, with out a actual understanding as to why we’re making these behavioral shifts (past becoming a member of the Dry January fervor), it’s not more likely to quantity to any lasting, positive change. It’s a fact we now know nicely about making resolutions in the new year—with out setting clear intentions first, we’re more likely to get misplaced alongside the best way. That’s why, once I realized in regards to the connection between alcohol and intestine well being, I knew it will be a lift to serving to my booze-free resolutions stick.

Amongst all of the buzzy wellness phrases, there’s maybe nothing that’s caught the health-inclined acutely aware greater than gut health. It impacts the whole lot from our skin to immunity to our digestion. And whereas what you eat, the dietary supplements you are taking, and your capability to handle stress in your life all can affect your intestine well being, increasingly more, we’re studying that our consuming habits play a key function as nicely.

Featured picture by Christie Graham.

Image by Christie Graham

Alcohol and Intestine Well being: The Stunning Connection

For solutions to all our questions in regards to the hyperlink between alcohol and intestine well being, I received in contact with Daina Trout, MS MPH. Daiana is the Chief Mission Officer and co-founder of Health-Ade Kombucha (a favourite amongst all of us right here at Camille Kinds). She’s spoken and written extensively about alcohol and its affect in your intestine, so I knew she could be the right individual to clear the air. And at the moment, we cowl all of it.

Preserve studying to find out how a lot alcohol is okay to drink, the toll alcohol can tackle our immunity, and techniques for counteracting alcohol consumption to maintain your intestine wholesome. Let’s get into it.

Is there any amount of drinking that’s okay?

Studies show that after just two to three days in a row of more than two drinks, on average, a meaningful negative change in the gut takes place. There is a significant increase in pathogenic bacteria and bacteria that produce inflammation and a significant decrease in bacteria that fight infection and inflammation. There is also a reduction in overall abundance of microbes, an increase in gut permeability, and an interruption of your circadian proteins. All these things can cause so many health issues. From increased likelihood to get sick and digestive issues to messed up sleep and achy joints. It truly wreaks havoc when you cross the line of too much. 

While I really do enjoy alcohol, it is the thing probably most unhealthy to our microbiome when we have it in excess. 

On the other hand, research has found that when you consume two or less drinks no more than a couple times a week, alcohol isn’t as damaging to a healthy gut. That may be your sweet spot if you’re looking for one! The most important thing here is to listen to your body. All these studies are done on groups of people, so the outcomes are averages and may not be YOUR number. In general, drinking less will be better for all, but you may be more or less sensitive than the average, so that’s why we always say: FOLLOW YOUR GUT!

Image by Michelle Nash

How effective is Dry January in terms of resetting the body?

The long-term benefits of taking a break from alcohol, like Dry January, haven’t been hugely studied. However, most would probably agree it wouldn’t be a bad idea, provided you don’t overcompensate with 10 drinks on February 1. What I find to be more effective long-term is mindful drinking—learning how to have a healthy relationship with alcohol where you can enjoy it but not have too much. 

Image by Michelle Nash

Immunity is another top-of-mind concern during this time of year. How does alcohol affect and even compromise our immunity?

Alcohol, immunity, and gut health are very connected. It is now understood that immunity is very much driven by our microbiome. We can have bacteria that cause our bodies to be worse at fighting infection and bacteria that can strengthen it. Alcohol, after excess exposure, quickly tips the scales to support a microbiome makeup that is weak at fighting infection. Alcohol also injures our intestinal walls, widening the space so all kinds of toxins can enter our bodies, causing problems where they land. This also compromises our immunity, and not just in the short term.

Image by Michelle Nash

Similarly, mood tends to dip and many people experience seasonal affective disorder in the winter. How can alcohol consumption make this worse?

One of (if not THE) biggest drivers of our mood is our gut. An abundant and healthy microbiome is repeatedly connected to people feeling good about themselves and decreased depression and anxiety. The opposite is true with a microbiome that’s less abundant and pro-inflammatory. Because excess alcohol consumption is bad for the gut, and causes the wrong microbes to flourish, you may not be surprised to hear that a major side effect of too much alcohol is feeling down and low energy.

Image by Teal Thomsen

Are there methods we are able to counteract alcohol consumption and its results on the intestine?

By exposing your intestine to wholesome micro organism and tons of prebiotics, and avoiding the issues that harm it, you’ll be able to enhance your intestine well being. You’ll be able to enhance your microbiome by:

  1. Feeding your intestine quite a lot of high-fiber meals like fruits and veggies.
  2. Consuming/consuming fermented meals resembling kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kefir on the common.
  3. Avoiding issues like alcohol, stevia, and faux sugars that critically compromise it.

Additionally, try to be cautious to take antibiotics solely when crucial. That’s one other factor that hurts our microbiome, and it might probably take a yr to get well.

What are your favourite alcohol alternate options?

To no shock, one among my favourite alcohol alternate options is kombucha. It’s tasty, tangy and subtly candy. I like champagne and assume it’s the right substitute drink once I’m within the temper for one thing bubbly, particularly if you happen to put it in a flute!

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