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Opinion | Putin Has His Revenge on Prigozhin


That discount held for years. However the struggle in Ukraine unsettled the stability. Mr. Prigozhin, sensing a possibility to advance his profession, started to problem the navy management. When the battle between the 2 turned untenable, Mr. Putin’s desire was plain: He unambiguously sided with the military. In January, he emphasised that the struggle must be fought in keeping with the final employees’s technique, a transparent trace that Wagner needs to be subordinate. By June, all Wagner fighters who wished to stay in Ukraine had been anticipated to formalize contracts with the protection ministry and settle for the supervision of its generals. It proved to be the ultimate straw. Rise up quickly adopted.

It was a humiliating blow to Mr. Putin’s regime. The ache got here much less from the betrayal by Mr. Prigozhin, who’d at all times been erratic, than from Mr. Putin’s private duty for the catastrophe. On the state’s dime, the president had nurtured an entity that he didn’t hold in examine. The mutiny, following Mr. Putin’s lack of ability to handle the escalating tensions between the protection ministry and Wagner, was a direct results of this basic failure.

The political toll was appreciable. Within the fallout, Mr. Putin discovered himself yielding to Mr. Prigozhin, compromising his personal stature and enduring public indignity. He was now confronted with a thorny dilemma: find out how to dismantle a personal military with out frightening political backlash or violence. Within the insurrection’s aftermath, the Kremlin’s major concern was to neutralize Wagner, each politically and militarily, with the goal of restoring the soundness of the state.

Step one was to play for time. Beneath the settlement that quelled the mutiny, Mr. Prigozhin secured his freedom and Wagner members had been protected against being charged for his or her participation, astonishingly enabling them to journey freely as if nothing had occurred. This strategy, in hindsight, seems logical: Mr. Putin aimed to mollify Mr. Prigozhin, giving him the sense that he was irreplaceable and that he loved the state’s safety.

This was essential in guaranteeing Mr. Prigozhin’s exit from Russia. That allowed the clamping down on a few of his Russian property and the stripping again of entry to profitable contracts (despite the fact that his enterprise didn’t collapse solely). Extra necessary, Mr. Prigozhin’s departure was a prelude to the disbanding of Wagner. Essentially the most devoted Wagner troops, a contingent of round 5,000, had been coerced to relocate to Belarus underneath a brand new chief, the loyal and compliant Andrei Troshev; the group’s heavy artillery was returned to the protection ministry; and the hesitant had been pressured both to enlist with the navy or to return dwelling. In Africa and Syria, Wagner forces have been put underneath shut oversight with a plan to steadily soak up their initiatives into the safety companies and protection ministry.


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