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Almost 30 individuals were left dangling upside down following a malfunction on a ride at an amusement park in Portland

“One rider recounted, ‘People were crying, expressing their thoughts as if they were speaking their final words.'”

Nearly 30 people were left suspended upside down in the air for over 20 minutes when a ride malfunctioned at an amusement park in Oregon.

The AtmosFEAR ride at Oaks Amusement Park in Portland ceased functioning around 2:55 p.m. on Friday, trapping 28 riders, according to a statement from the park posted on X. Park personnel immediately activated emergency protocols and contacted 911. Emergency responders arrived by approximately 3:20 p.m., and quickly lowered the ride, allowing guests to safely disembark.

Portland Fire & Rescue reported that all riders underwent medical assessments. The park noted that one individual with pre-existing medical conditions was taken to the hospital for further evaluation as a precautionary measure. The remaining riders were discharged at the park following examination by medics.

Daniel Allen and Jordan Harding, who were celebrating their high school graduation at the park, recounted to NBC affiliate KGW of Portland that AtmosFEAR was their first ride of the day.

“I was excited to go on,” Allen told the news station. “When you get stuck up there, I don’t think you’re so excited anymore.”

Harding shared that she sensed something was amiss when they remained suspended upside down for more than a few seconds.

“We were just freaking out,” she said. “People were crying. They were just putting into the universe what they wanted to say for their last words.” Harding described the physical toll of being upside down for an extended period, saying, “My entire waist below was asleep.”

Oaks Park describes AtmosFEAR as a “showstopping extreme attraction” and one of its most popular rides. According to the park’s website, the giant blue and black pendulum offers guests the choice between a 360-degree swing or a 180-degree swing.

The ride has been operational since 2021 without incident until now, Oaks Park stated. Last year, local emergency response teams conducted an emergency response training at the ride, part of standard procedure.

The park affirmed that its response plan was executed effectively during Friday’s incident. AtmosFEAR will remain closed until further notice as Oaks Park collaborates with the manufacturer and state inspectors to determine the cause of the malfunction.


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