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Amtrak’s services between New York and Boston have resumed following a suspension

Amtrak’s vital rail services connecting New York Penn Station and Boston South Station were reinstated late Saturday evening following an earlier suspension caused by power complications.

The disruption ensued when a malfunctioning circuit breaker precipitated a widespread power outage along Amtrak’s tracks from Penn Station to New Haven Union Station in Connecticut. This incident significantly impeded travel between these key Northeastern cities throughout Saturday. According to Amtrak, the outage was triggered by a lightning strike.

By 9 p.m. Eastern Time, full service between New York and Boston had been restored, as confirmed by Amtrak in an official statement. However, due to the outage’s impact on train locations and scheduling, several Sunday trains have been canceled. Amtrak is actively collaborating with affected passengers to facilitate rebooking and minimize inconvenience.

Earlier on Saturday morning, Amtrak had initially announced a complete suspension of all services “until further notice” due to the power issue. Reports from the Amtrak Northeast account on X indicated that delays and cancellations were already affecting operations prior to this formal announcement, with disruptions persisting throughout the day.

Initially forecasting a potential service resumption by noon Eastern Time, Amtrak continued to cancel trips progressively through the afternoon, based on ongoing updates provided via the X account. Around noon, Amtrak suspended all departures originating from Boston, projecting service to resume by 3 p.m. However, by 3:30 p.m., the decision was made to cancel service altogether between Boston and New York due to the persistent electrical challenges.

The disruption occurred during a record-high travel period, with an estimated 71 million individuals anticipated to be on the move over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. This figure represented a notable increase of 5.7 million travelers compared to pre-pandemic levels, as reported by AAA. Among these travelers, more than 4.6 million were expected to utilize train, bus, and cruise services.

Despite the challenges posed by the power outage, Amtrak remains committed to restoring normal operations swiftly and ensuring the continued safety and satisfaction of its passengers.


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