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An aircraft with three passengers on board lands at an Australian airport without its landing gear after burning off fuel

Officials stated that the pilot of the twin-turboprop Beechcraft Super King Air raised the alarm shortly after it had taken off from Newcastle Airport, located north of Sydney.

In Melbourne, Australia, a light aircraft carrying three individuals landed safely without its landing gear on Monday, following nearly three hours of circling an Australian airport to burn off excess fuel.

A light plane with three people aboard lands safely without landing gear Monday at Newcastle Airport in Australia after circling the airport for almost three hours to burn off fuel.

The twin-turboprop Beechcraft Super King Air had departed from Newcastle Airport, situated north of Sydney, for a 112-mile journey northward to Port Macquarie when the pilot alerted authorities of an issue, officials disclosed.

Video footage depicted the aircraft touching down on the tarmac around 12:20 p.m., seemingly without any mishap.

Emergency services, including fire engines and ambulances, were on standby at the scene.

According to a police statement, the aircraft encountered “mechanical issues,” with an unnamed police officer cited by the Australian Broadcasting Corp. suggesting a failure of the landing gear. The aircraft is owned by Eastern Air Services based in Port Macquarie, which did not immediately provide a comment.

Aviation safety expert Ron Bartsch noted that the pilot likely opted to return to Newcastle due to the airport’s superior emergency response capabilities compared to those at Port Macquarie.

Bartsch praised the pilot for executing a safe landing, emphasizing the paramount importance of ensuring everyone’s safety. He explained that in such situations, pilots typically cut off fuel and electricity to reduce the risk of fire during a belly-up landing, commending the pilot for adhering to safety protocols.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will conduct an investigation into the incident.


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