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At Disney World, More Adults Blend Remote Work with Leisure

With the normalization of remote work, social media posts depicting working remotely from within Disney World theme parks have surged.

As remote work gains wider acceptance, individuals can technically work from anywhere, even from within Disney World.

From Disney bloggers and freelance journalists to tech industry professionals, travel agents, and individuals with dual monitors at Epcot, adult Disney World enthusiasts are showcasing their remote work setups inside the parks through social media posts.

This trend has gained momentum since approximately 2022, spurred by a post-pandemic resurgence in park attendance, the rise of remote work, and the prevalence of jobs that never truly clock out.

AJ Wolfe, a veteran Disney park writer known for her Disney Food Blog, has observed this shift firsthand. According to her, more people are deliberately choosing to work remotely from Disney World, drawn by the proximity to a place that brings them joy and the ability to enjoy it right after work.

“The lines between traditional workspaces and leisure time are blurring,” Wolfe noted. “People seek opportunities where work and pleasure can coexist.”

However, Disney World’s fervent fan base, comprising numerous online communities and creators dedicated to all aspects of the parks, has grappled with the concept of remote work within its confines.

This emerging practice has sparked disbelief and criticism in some quarters. For instance, a recent post on the Disney World subreddit sparked debate when an Orlando resident shared their experience of setting up a workspace at a newly opened café in Epcot. Some users argued that occupying a table for work during a less crowded time could inconvenience other guests.

In response to the growing demand for remote work facilities, Disney has increased the number of charging stations throughout the resort, recognizing the reliance on the mobile Disney World app for various park activities. This infrastructure also benefits remote workers who need to power their devices while on-site.

The surge in remote work at Disney World coincides with the expanding landscape of online content related to Disney Parks. Wolfe, who is researching the phenomenon of “Disney Adults” for a book, notes the rise of online “side hustles” tied to Disney World.

Many individuals who work remotely from within the parks also offer travel planning services or create daily content about Disney on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and blogs. While unofficially affiliated with The Walt Disney Co., they serve as a bridge between independent media and dedicated fans.

Moreover, there is a vast community of Disney enthusiasts who share their park experiences online purely for the sense of camaraderie it brings.

In Wolfe’s words, it’s akin to saying, “‘Epcot is my coffee shop.’ Instead of closing my laptop to watch Netflix, I’ll close it and head to Spaceship Earth.”


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