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The Essential Message Simone Biles’ Mother Wishes to Convey to Her Daughter Prior to the Paris Olympics

Biles is preparing for her third Olympics, poised to further enhance her already remarkable legacy.

The anticipation surrounding Simone Biles’ pursuit of Olympic gold at the upcoming Summer Games in Paris is palpable, but perhaps no one is more emotionally invested in her journey than her mother, Nellie Biles.

With four Olympic gold medals, along with a silver and two bronze, as well as a record-breaking ninth all-around national championship title, Simone’s athletic prowess is undeniable. However, Nellie sees her daughter as more than just a dominant athlete.

Speaking exclusively to Priscilla Thompson on TODAY, Nellie Biles described Simone as a young adult she deeply admires, emphasizing her daughter’s determination and clarity of purpose.

Nellie is a constant presence at Simone’s competitions, her reactions often capturing the attention of viewers worldwide. Yet, behind the viral moments lies a mother’s heartfelt concern for her daughter’s safety and success.

Recalling Simone’s challenging experience at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where she battled the ‘twisties’ and withdrew from multiple events, Nellie described it as a devastating time. Unable to be there in person due to COVID restrictions, she urged Simone to prioritize her well-being over competition.

Despite the setbacks, Simone’s recent victory at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships secured her a spot in the Olympic trials, scheduled for June 27-30 in Minneapolis. As she vies for a place on the Olympic roster, Nellie is determined to be there in person to support her daughter, understanding the significance of her role as a pillar of support.

For Nellie, being present for Simone and ensuring she feels the unwavering support of her family are paramount. The prospect of witnessing her daughter’s Olympic journey firsthand fills her with overwhelming emotion, anticipating tears of joy as she cheers her on in Paris.

Simone’s recent acknowledgment of her parents’ influence deeply touched Nellie, affirming her belief that they’ve guided her daughter in the right direction.

With expectations high for Simone’s inclusion in the Olympic squad, the Summer Games commence on July 26, with women’s gymnastics events kicking off on July 28 at 5 a.m. With Nellie by her side, Simone’s pursuit of excellence continues, fueled by the love and encouragement of her devoted family.


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