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Seattle Authorities Capture Escaped Zebra After Roaming Cascade Mountain Foothills for Days

Shug was among four zebras that fled during transport from Washington to Montana last Sunday

In Seattle, a zebra that had been roaming the western Washington foothills for days was finally captured Friday evening, nearly a week after escaping with three others from a trailer near the city.

Local residents and animal control officers corralled the zebra named “Shug” in Riverbend, around 30 miles east of Seattle, as reported by the Regional Animal Services of King County on their website.

“Shug” the zebra in a trailer in Riverbend, Washington, on Friday.Regional Animal Services of King County/AP

Despite her week-long escapade, Shug appeared to be in good condition. The zebras had escaped during transport from Washington to Montana, with the incident occurring last Sunday near North Bend, approximately 30 miles east of Seattle in the Cascade mountain foothills.

While three zebras were quickly captured, Shug, initially referred to as “Z,” managed to evade capture by hopping a fence and disappearing into the woods. Shug’s adventure gained widespread attention, with social media memes imagining her in various scenarios across the region.

Concerns arose when Shug was spotted on trail cameras, especially considering recent sightings of cougars in the area. Trail access points along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail were closed off by King County officials, with feeding zones established to aid in Shug’s rescue.

Owner Kristine Keltgen, who had purchased the zebras in Lewis County, Washington, was transporting them to her petting zoo near Anaconda, Montana. The escape occurred when she noticed a trailer floor mat dragging and attempted to adjust it, prompting the zebras to bolt.

Despite efforts from bystanders, including a rodeo clown and horse trainers, Shug managed to evade capture until Friday. She will now be transported to Montana to reunite with the rest of the dazzle of zebras.


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