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68-Year-Old California Man Arrested after He Shot Homeless Man, Filmed Act

Craig Sumner Elliott, a 68-year-old man from Southern California, made headlines in September 2023 after a disturbing incident in Garden Grove. While jogging with his dogs, Elliott encountered a homeless man, Antonio García Avalos, who was sleeping on the sidewalk. Frustrated by the obstruction, Elliott attempted to wake Avalos using a pushcart, escalating the situation when Avalos demanded he leave.

A sixty-eight-year old man shot a 40-year-old homeless man after he found the latter sleeping in the middle of a sidewalk. (Image: Shutterstock/Reprsentative)

In a shocking turn of events, Elliott, armed with a handgun from his pushcart, allegedly shot Avalos multiple times, capturing the horrifying act on video. The Orange County district attorney’s office swiftly charged Elliott with felony voluntary manslaughter and a felony enhancement for the personal use of a firearm. Despite possessing an active concealed carry permit from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, his actions led to a criminal case that could result in a maximum sentence of 21 years in state prison if he is convicted.

The released video footage depicted Avalos throwing a shoe at Elliott, who managed to evade the projectile before firing three fatal shots. Avalos succumbed to his injuries, prompting an investigation into the elderly man’s use of deadly force. Elliott was arrested on November 17, later securing his release on a $100,000 bail on November 20. Scheduled for arraignment on December 15, the 68-year-old now faces the legal consequences of a shocking and tragic event that unfolded on a seemingly routine jog through Garden Grove.


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